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Predator wiro frame - Blue glas

Predator Wiro-frame, blue glass
With the goggles, a new era has dawned. The first choice of the swimmers.

Unique large part from a piece for a perfect fit
Bio-tech ™ - one-piece frame with revolutionary new design and fit
CLTTM - curved glass technology for an undistorted and wide 180 º field of view
FogbusterTM - impregnated anti-fog lenses for clear vision
Integrated Silicon seals for perfect fit
Doppelstrangiges headband made of 100% silicone for long life
Quickly and easily adjustable head band system

Innovation and quality without borders: The Predator Wiro-Frame ™ is the first swim mask with a one-piece Biotech ™ framework. Seal and glass are separate elements that are integrated into this framework. This new technology gives the Predator under the versatility of a one-piece spectacles - is durable and resistant sealed. The wiro-frame ™ technology provided an optimal fit and customized fit. The best Zoggs curved lenses (Zoggs CLT ™) provide unbiased perspective and a wide 180 º field of view. Ultra-soft silicone gaskets and easily adjustable doppelstrangige silicone headband make the Predator into a reliable companion for all swimmers. The glasses will be completed by Fogbuster ™ with impregnated anti-fog lenses that provide maximum sun protection (UV400).

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